Lenka Badriyah is a dancer from the Czech Republic, now teaching regularly in Belgium. She is known for her Golden Era Raqs Sharqi dances, recreations, and unique teaching.

Lenka has been a dance teacher for more than 17 years, performing in more than 60 shows in Japan, Taiwan, Morocco, Australia, the United States and other countries. The organizer of the Kan Zaman festival and the Leylet Raqs festival.

Badriyah is passionate about Raqs Sharqi and its history. She loves to study legendary Egyptian dancers, and perform so-called Golden Era Bellydance. Badriyah is a collector of vintage items depicting Golden Era legends.

Pop Shaabi. Relaxed and at the same time dynamic new pop shaabi from Badriyah will give you energy for the whole week! Get new inspiration and learn a fun and dynamic pop shaabi choreo!

Place: SILTA-KAMPUS, Kankaantaankatu 4, Nokia
Time: 9.02.2025, 13:30-15:30


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